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    unity觸控手勢系統Mobile Touch Camera 1.9
    所支持的Unity版本:5.6.2 及以上版本
    Mobile Touch Camera is a powerful Camera & Input Handling tool that allows you to create a smooth and natural Touch-Input camera with integrated Item Picking for best usability. The asset is best suited (but not limited) to tower defense, strategy or    adventure type of games for mobile devices.
    * Pixel Perfect Scroll & Pinch.
    * Camera Movement and Item Picking integrated for best usability.
    * Demo scenes for top-down, 2d sidescroll, and isometric scenarios.
    * Supports perspective and orthographic cameras.
    * Custom inspectors to help you tune the asset more efficiently.
    * Seamless transition between pinching and scrolling. E.g. Start dragging with 1 finger, add second finger to pinch/zoom, release finger to go back to scrolling.
    * Swipe and release quickly for smooth auto-scrolling.
    * Mouse Emulation for convenient development on PC.
    * Camera rotation & tilt gestures.
    * Full C# source code.

    需要5金幣 50 積分 ( 如何獲取金幣與積分







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